Leather shoes womens

We want to be different, but always remain ourselves. We’re emotional and love to try on different images. Depends on mood. Or new handbag. Feenches handmade leather shoes womens complement any look. Fit both business and informal style. You can create cool image for any event and stay bright and stylish.

Why Feenches ladies leather shoes?

  • Natural materials — don’t cause any inconvenience, allow the skin to breathe.
  • The elastic sole — flexible, your legs don’t get tired by the end of the day.
  • Stable accessories — lacing, zippers and metal decor of female leather shoes don’t fade or fall off.
  • Reliable heels and platforms — give a confident gait, italian leather shoes for ladies make a female figure slimmer and more refined.

The way of order and delivery

Look at all the models of womens leather shoes online and make your choice. We will help you determine the size of leather footwear for ladies if you have any difficulties. Worldwide shipping. You will have desirable shoes after 1-3 weeks. If you need faster, we will arrange express delivery.