Handmade leather shoes

Feenches is a brand of unique handmade shoes and boots of leather and felt. Each footwear manufacturing operation is performed by our craftsmen by hand. We have individual production. So when you buy leather shoes online you get a custom made product.

Our shoes from genuine leather.

For the production of Feenches, only real Italian high quality leather is used. We pay particular attention to the comfort and health of your feet. Therefore, we use only natural materials.

Unique leather shoes for unique you

We create feenches with unusual design. For this we use:
  • different textures of the leather (smooth, pony hair, suede, textured)
  • different materials (lace, special textile, felt)
  • unusual forms of heels
  • our original Feenches shoe lasts
  •  bold color combinations
  • develop unique design.
In addition, you can change any of our model and get an exclusive  pair of footwear. It’s really very cool to understand that you have an unusual style, not like everyone else! We will help you determine your size – just contact us. We will create a pair of your dream in 10 days and delivery takes up to 3 weeks in a standard way (up to 7 days – express delivery).