Winter shoes for women

Feenches is not just a pair of ladies winter shoes. This is your own style. It’s you. Not like everyone else. Bright. Courageous. Attracting attention. We offer handmade shoes: wool and leather boots, ankle felt shoes for women, sneakers and casual winter shoes for women. Feenches goes well with classic or grunge things, sports, romantic or boho style.

What makes our warm shoes for women so special?

  • Exclusive design. We create womens felt boots by hand especially for you. You can choose the color of felt, leather, sole, laces, welts and other details if you wish.
  • Comfort. We use the author’s lasts and exclusively natural “healthy” materials. Our footwear comfortable for long walks and resistant to moisture.
  • Effectiveness. Feenches’ winter footwear is a special style. This is your personality. Each pair of women`s cold weather boots  looks feminine and unusual.

How to order Feenches womens felt shoes?

Choose your size and add the model to your basket. Write to us if you’re afraid to make mistake with the size. We have developed a manual that helps to accurately determine the size of the foot. We give a guarantee for each pair of feenches. Worldwide shipping. After 1-3 weeks, the shoes will be with you. If you need faster, we will arrange express delivery.