Best stylish winter boots

Best stylish winter boots

How to choose a pair of best stylish winter boots that will complement the image and help to express individuality? Felt warm stylish boots or boots in the most daring shades — an option for bright, free of rules fashionistas.

Each model is special as you in its own way:

  • the steady heel — a massive and practical element, adds rudeness, but makes the womens warm boots stylish;
  • non-standard shades — will put accents to the image;
  • zippers and a multilayer top — add a dose of brutality and complete the look;
  • dense grooved outsole — make men’s and women’s comfortable stylish winter boots impudent and rebellious.

Winter boots by Feenches are more than just a new pair of new footwear. Feenches is a challenge to everyday life and familiar boring things.

Stylish snow Feenches boots reflect character

Don’t you want to be like everyone else and obey the rules? Try following bold decisions: a rough sole, high lacing, wide zippers and metal elements. Choose unusual for all LOW ANKLE WINTER BOOTS or GREY FELT / RED LEATHER WINTER BOOTS

Are you conservative? Choose classic or casual models of warm stylish winter boots. BLACK WINTER COMBAT BOOTS WITH LACE HOOKS  or BROWN WINTER FUR COMBAT BOOTS  are perfect for those who value practicality and a sense of taste. These shoes suit different styles.

Express yourself, become the designer of your new couple of good stylish winter boots. Choose the necessary model, shades, material and the smallest details.

Don’t follow fashion — create it by yourself and feel your own style with Feenches.

Feenches combine style and health

We follow the trends, but for your health even more. We produce best stylish snow boots from rolled felt from Germany, genuine leather from Italy.

Shoes and boots made of original materials are more elastic, not afraid of low temperatures, easy to care for.

Felt shoes allow air to pass through, is light in weight, doesn’t cause allergies and irritations. In warm but stylish winter boots made of merino wool, your legs will not sweat with long toes.

The durability and construction of shoe lasts gives ease of gait. Your legs don’t get tired in our shoes. Imported materials of our products provide the beauty and health of your feet in the cold season.

Choose the best stylish cold weather boots. Choose Feenches.