About Us

Feenches. Stand-out
From the first step!

There are people for whom to express themselves is like to breathe! If they don’t create anything, if they don’t approve themselves in every moment of life, they lose the appreciation for life. They have to seek, to try, to find the beauty even in the simple everyday things. For these people the world is what they believe in. Exactly for such people Feenches are created: for independent, extraordinary ones. They are for those who can say: “I’ll do it fashionable !”. For those who are used to standing-out from the first step.

– Unique design, craftsmanship.
– Made of 100% Australian merino wool felt top-hat quality.
– Suitable for the weather +10 –30*C.
– Do not deform.
– With water resistant and dirt resistant cover.
– Easy to look after (when it is dirty, simply use the brush for cleaning shoes. If the footwear is wet, just dry it at room temperature (don’t use any heaters).
– Very comfortable. Warm & breathable: keep your feet warm and dry.

Feenches is a Ukrainian brand of unique craft footwear and accessories made in 2016. The brand’s vision is UNCOMMONNESS, THE URGE TO STAND-OUT!

That’s why we use the unusual design and the uncommon material – 100% merino wool felt! The footwear from felt is a unique proposition on the fashionablegoods market. Besides such footwear is very comfortable: the felt allows your foot to “breathe” and gives you the warmth.