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Feenches is a niche brand of men’s and women’s unique warm shoes. We create each model by hand.

Feenches felt shoes are freedom. To be different. To be yourself

Feenches are for those who have their own style and not afraid to express their individuality. Feenches are for lovers of unusual materials and bright accents, and, of course, lightness and comfort. You can order demi-season and winter shoes, felt boots, shoes, combat boots, brogues, sneakers, as well as bags and accessories on our site.


Be different

You will not see our shoes on the shelves of malls or on the feet of average people on the street. They’re created just for you. We don’t mass produce. We develop each model and assemble each pair manually. Every model, from warm shoes for winter to accessories, will reflect your look, style and character.


Express yourself

Want to create your own valenki boots? Choose your desired color of shoe felt, leather, soles, laces, welts and other details. Create your own design, and we’ll bring all of your ideas to life. Embroider initials or combine several shades of laces for your kit.



We want you to feel comfortable in Feenches’ winter shoes for cold weather. We use author’s shoe lasts for medium foot width. According to your own measurements we could create individual shoe lasts for an additional fee. Your feet will fit perfectly in our winter walking shoes, as if you’re wearing slippers.

Feenches are “healthy” warm shoes made from natural materials.

A feature of our brand is wool felt shoes. They look stylish and protect the health of the feet. We import rolled felt from European factories, made from 100% Australian Merino wool. Merinos have thin and long villi, making felt much lighter, more elastic, and warmer than ordinary sheep’s wool.

We use natural materials and reliable components:
➢ 100% Australian Merino Wool
➢ Italian smooth premium quality leather
➢ Italian suede and baize
➢ Italian furniture and components

Felt is naturally water-repellent and has a dirt-resistant coating, making it much easier to care for your cold-weather shoes.

Warranty on all Feenches products and worldwide shipping

1-year warranty
We’re confident in the quality of our products and give a 1-year warranty on all models. We care about our clients and their satisfaction.

Fast worldwide shipping
We deliver wool boots in a period of 1 to 3 weeks. If there’s a rush, we’ll organize express delivery in 5-7 days to any point in the world.

Safe shopping online
We have developed instructions for determining the exact size of the foot so you can feel confident with your order while shopping for winter shoes online. Just contact the consultants and they will help.

Be an author. Create your image with Feenches